February Is Children's Dental Health Month

Posted by Dr. Bishay on Feb 16 2022, 02:24 AM

Hey, here comes the month of February which has a significant observance regarding our kid's oral health. February is Children's Dental Health Month. As part of this, take the opportunity to re-evaluate your kid's oral self-care and oral hygiene habits. 

Why We Observe National Children’s Dental Health Month

It is essential to teach the importance of oral hygiene to kids to preserve their healthy smiles for the rest of their lives. Teaching good oral habits and care for their teeth and gums set the foundation for good oral health throughout their entire life.
Primary teeth are more vulnerable than permanent teeth. They are more prone to bacterial infections, which in turn build up plaque and lead to tooth decay and cavities. Thus, February is also a good time for parents and caregivers to teach children the importance of oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits.

Enjoyable Activities to Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month

  • Create oral health posters to hang around the wall in your kid's room
  • Figure out the crafts works showcasing teeth with cartoons
  • Take some time to engage with your kids by narrating a fun story about the important role their teeth and gums play in their lives.
  • Read with your kid dental books with cartoon features to understand the importance of oral health in a fun way.
  • Brush and floss along with them to make the session interesting and motivating.
  • Go on a dental shopping trip with your kid to pick cartoon-themed toothbrushes, flavored toothpaste, and a fluoride mouth rinse formulated for little ones.
  • Make a chart to reward kids.

Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy and Strong

As a parent, we should be aware of good dental habits. And it is our responsibility to pass them on to the next generation. Good oral hygiene for kids starts with good parenting and a great dentist!
  • Brush twice a day.
  • Floss every day.
  • Have sealants applied.
  • Eat tooth-friendly food.
  • Regularly visit the dentist twice a year.
  • Be a role model who follows good oral hygiene practices.
  • Make oral health practices a routine habit.

February is a great month to ensure better oral health. And remember, dental health could affect your overall health. The same goes with the little ones too. Schedule timely dental checkups with our experts at Grace Dental, 5022 US-90 ALT suite c, Sugar Land, TX 77498. Call us at (281) 340-1333 to book an appointment. 

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