Root Canal Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

Root Canal Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

Root canal therapy is done to save teeth that are severely broken, decayed, or abscessed. At Grace Dental, we offer less-invasive and modern root canal treatment.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canals or endodontic treatments involve the removal of damaged pulp from the tooth. This treatment can offer you relief from pain, infection, and inflammation. Through this endodontic procedure, you can save that badly decayed or injured tooth, giving it a new life again.

What is involved in the Root Canal Therapy procedure?

When you visit our dental office Dr. Bishay will examine your mouth, with the help of x-rays, to check the severity of tooth infection. Before beginning the treatment, we will give you a local anesthetic to avoid any pain during the process. Our skilled dentist will start the process by creating a small opening in your tooth’s crown. We will then remove the decayed and infected pulp from the inside of the tooth. After that, our dentist will fill, seal and place a crown over it. This will help avoid any future infections and give your tooth a natural look.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

The signs and symptoms of a root canal might vary from person to person. A dentist will examine and determine if you need a root canal.

Have a look at the most common signs that show you may need root canal therapy:

  • Unbearable tooth pain 
  • Hard to chew food due to toothache
  • The tooth gets sensitive when subjected to hot or cold food/drinks
  • A tiny bump appears on gums near the infected tooth area
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Swollen gums near the infected tooth area

What are the benefits of the Root Canal Procedure?

The benefits of root canal procedure include:

  • Relief from toothache
  • Save and retain your natural tooth
  • Durable treatment option
  • Protect the neighboring teeth from getting infected
  • Can chew and bite food properly 

If you think you need a root canal or have a too decayed painful tooth, then call us at (281) 340-1333 or schedule an online appointment with Dr. Bishay at our office in Sugar Land, TX.


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