Emergency Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

Emergency Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

While some dental emergencies can be prevented by regular visits to the dentist, others are unavoidable. That’s why Grace Dental is here to ensure you’re able to get same-day care if a dental emergency occurs. 

What are the common dental emergencies?

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth, or avulsion, is a serious dental trauma that can be recovered with the quick and right treatment. In such a case, at first, pick the tooth up by the crown. Gently rinse it using water, and if possible, re-insert it into the socket. If you’re unable to reinsert the tooth, then just place the tooth in a small container of milk. Immediately rush to your dentist along with your tooth. 

However, if you lose a tooth permanently, then don’t worry because we have many restorative dental options to give you your beautiful smile back.

Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth

A chipped, cracked, or a broken tooth could be very painful because the tooth’s root gets exposed. In this type of dental emergency, first, rinse your mouth with warm water, put a cold compress to curb swelling of your face, and visit your dentist immediately. 

Dental or Periodontal Abscess

If not treated on time, then a dental abscess can turn quite painful and dangerous. As the infection from an untreated abscess can spread to other parts of your mouth like tooth, jawbone, or even your body. 

Objects Stuck Between the Teeth

If food particles or other objects get stuck between your teeth, then use floss and try gently removing it. Don’t make the mistake of using something sharp or pointed and make it worse. If you are unable to remove it and it causes irritation and swelling, visit your dentist as soon as possible.

How can you avoid accidental dental injury?

Through routine dental check-ups and good oral hygiene practice, you can prevent dental emergencies. Some other simple precautions to avoid dental injury include:

  • Wear a mouthguard while involved in active sports
  • Avoid chewing ice, hard candy, popcorn kernels
  • Never cut things with your teeth

If you face a dental emergency, then immediately call us at (281) 340-1333 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bishay at our office in Sugar Land, TX.


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