Six Tips For Maintaining Good Oral Health

Posted by Dr. Bishay on Nov 17 2021, 07:09 AM

Healthy teeth are indeed a gift, and they require a lifetime of personal care. Therefore, it is important to follow a proper dental routine to prevent dental issues. This also includes choosing the right oral care products and being conscious of your eating habits.

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This blog discusses six important tips for maintaining good oral health.

  • Brush Twice Daily

One of the key habits for good oral hygiene is brushing your teeth twice a day - in the morning and before going to bed at night. 

Brush your teeth thoroughly, spending 2-3 minutes per session. Move your brush in a way that covers all the surfaces of the teeth. You should also pay extra attention to the back teeth as they are at a higher risk of tartar and plaque accumulation.

  • Don't Ignore Your Tongue 

Cleaning your tongue is another essential part of your oral care routine. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your tongue. It will help eliminate the bacteria responsible for bad breath and other oral health conditions. You can also use a tongue scraper for cleaning your tongue thoroughly. 

  • Floss Your Teeth and Gums 

Unhealthy gums may result in tooth loss. Flossing helps maintain the health of your gums and also prevents tartar and plaque buildup. Therefore, flossing once a day must be a part of your regular oral care routine.

  • Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste helps replenish lost minerals in the teeth and also slows down enamel erosion. It helps prevent cavities and strengthens your teeth. 

However, children under 8 must be supervised while brushing as they often tend to swallow toothpaste.

  • Drink More Water

Drinking sufficient water is important for your body. It is also necessary for your oral health. 

Drink water after every meal to clear the food debris in your mouth. You should also develop this habit in children as they are more prone to tooth decay and cavities.

  • Eat Crunchy Fruits and Veggies 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for your teeth as they provide essential vitamins and minerals. Include more of them in your diet to enjoy good oral health.

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